We are all completely beside ourselves – a review

9781846689666We are all completely beside ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler

Rosemary’s young, just at college, and she’s decided not to tell anyone a thing about her family. So we’re not going to tell you too much either: you’ll have to find out for yourselves what it is that makes her unhappy family unlike any other. Rosemary is now an only child, but she used to have a sister the same age as her, and an older brother. Both are now gone – vanished from her life… There’s something unique about Rosemary’s sister, Fern. So now she’s telling her story; a looping narrative that begins towards the end, and then goes back to the beginning. Twice…

Intriguing, excellent read. Gripping and intelligent. Could not put down. Book started in the middle, father scientist. Children not allowed to play outside so data was not contaminated. Challenges to self values in humans, humans become detached. Thought provoking, great quotes and an enjoyable read.

Read by – Second Tuesday Evening Book Group

Missing you – a review

9780857987167Missing you – Kylie Kaden

A tantalising love story and a seductive suspense novel: ‘Our lives were built around the strength of a kiss between strangers. Yet seven years on, look where it led us …’ When Aisha met Ryan she fell hard for his good looks and easy charm. Why worry that he didn’t want children or a 9 to 5 job? Nothing and no one would come between them. But with the birth of their high-needs son, Eli, their extraordinary love is shackled into an ordinary life, their passion blunted by responsibility. Until Ryan can’t take it anymore. Then, following a mysterious phone call late one night, Aisha leaves four-year-old Eli in the care of her elderly father Patrick – and doesn’t come back…

A love story mixed with suspense.  When Aisha met Ryan she fell hard for good looks and easy charm.  Why worry that he didn’t want children, or that Aisha didn’t want to marry. Nothing or no one would come between them.  Fast forward a year, not only are they married, but they have a son with high needs, they feel stifled by responsibilities. Add in a grandfather, a twin brother, an ex-roommate and an ex-boyfriend, and this makes for a well written easy to read story.  A real page turner with each chapter leaving you wanting to know what happens next.
This book received mixed reviews from within our group.  Those who did enjoy the book finished it within days of starting it.  This would be a great easy read over the holiday break.

Rating – 6/10        Read by – Cultcha Club Book Club



Amnesia by Peter Carey




It was a spring evening in Washington DC; a chilly autumn morning in Melbourne; it was exactly 22.00 Greenwich Mean Time when a worm entered the computerised control systems of hundreds of Australian prisons and released the locks in many places of incarceration, some of which the hacker could not have known existed. Because Australian prison security was, in the year 2010, mostly designed and sold by American corporations the worm immediately infected 117 US federal correctional facilities, 1,700 prisons, and over 3,000 county jails. Wherever it went, it travelled underground, in darkness, like a bushfire burning in the roots of trees. Reaching its destinations it announced itself: THE CORPORATION IS UNDER OUR CONTROL. THE ANGEL DECLARES YOU FREE.’ Has a young Australian woman declared cyber war on the United States? Or was her Angel Worm intended only to open the prison doors of those unfortunates detained by Australia’s harsh immigration policies? Did America suffer collateral damage? Is she innocent? Can she be saved?



Several readers didn’t like many of the characters and found it difficult to continue reading. Continue reading