British Fantasy Awards 2012

If you’re a fantasy reader, then that’s for you. If you never read any fantasy but want to explore, why not start from here?

British Fantasy Awards have announced their winners for this year.

The August Derleth Award (for best horror novel)
The Ritual by Adam Nevill (Pan)

The Robert Holdstock Award (for best fantasy novel)
Among Others by Jo Walton (Tor Books)

Gorel and the Pot Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar (PS Publishing)

Short Fiction
The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter by Angela Slatter (A Book of Horrors, Jo Fletcher Books)

The Weird, editors Jeff and Ann Vandermeer (Corvus Books)

Everyone’s Just So So Special by Robert Shearman (Big Finish)

Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen

Black Static, Andy Cox, editor; TTA Press

Comic/Graphic Novel
Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW Publishing)

BFS Special Jury Awards:

The PS Publishing Independent Press Award
Chomu Press; Quentin S. Crisp
(Jury: Sandy Auden, Peter Crowther, Nicholas Royle, Peter Tennant & Darren Turpin)

The Artist Award
Daniele Serra
(Jury: Guy Adams, Anne Sudworth, Christopher Teague)

The Non-Fiction Award
Supergods: Our World in the Age of the Super Hero by Grant Morrison (Jonathan Cape)
(Jury: Djibril al-Ayad, Roz Kaveney & Adam Roberts)

The Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award
Kameron Hurley
(Jury: Adele Wearing, Jenny Barber, Lou Morgan)

The Karl Edward Wagner Special Award
Peter & Nicky Crowther
(Jury: BFS & Fantasycon Committees)

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