Discussion Notes From The 1st Wed Reading Group

This Wednesday, the reading group held its first meeting in 2010 and they discussed the book ‘Dreams from my father’ by Barack Obama. It’s Barack Obama’s memoir and initially was published in 1995. It is a story of race and inheritance.

Most reading group members enjoyed the reading and thought it was compassionat, insightful, especially the first half of the book and things about community development. It was easy to read. Some thought the second half of the book was not relevant to a wider audience. Some members felf surprised what was happening in Africa.

Some didn’t think Obama is really a Black American. some felt sad about the ghetto living of Black Americans, about Africa. Some thought American ownership of guns equated to fear of Black Americans.

Some members thought Obama who had a humble beginning and will deliever a better America. Obama had both a local and a global vision, and will be reelected.

Some commented that it was a historical book written by a very intelligent man who made a lot of people want to vote.