Last Thursday Book Group

 The Story of Danny Dunn by Bryce Courtenay

 A beautiful novel by the prolific Mr Courtenay.

A descriptive account of Balmain and Sydney during the 1930’s, 1940’s, right through to the seventies.

The characters are wonderfully depicted and true to the era of the Depression. Many readers shed a tear as memories of the past came back to them.

Danny Dunn’s character is that of many a young man who willingly went to war and after came back broken and found it hard to relate to a ‘normal’ world again.

Comments from the group:

Thoroughly enjoyed, reading about the local areas.  I loved it, wonderful.

The mention of Dawn Fraser, a lot of sport presented, swimming, Balmain Tigers! Very readable!

Very interesting, had it all, well researched, politics of the day, sport, highly recommended.

The characters come alive – Danny Dunn becomes your friend! Felt like he’s your best buddy.

Brenda, the Irish mother was a great lady, traditional publican. Well worth a read.

Hard to believe it is fiction, but drawn from real facts.

Danny Dunn a great character brought up mainly by feisty Brenda, his mother whilst half Dunn father sat on a barstool most of the time; sad ending.

A great story depicting working class families in Balmain; the book is like a film within you head!

I cried through it all!

Overall everyone spoke passionately about ‘Danny Dunn’ and would very highly recommend people read it.