May discussion

Down under written by Bill Bryson

The 1st Wednesday Reading Group enjoyed their discussion on ‘Down under’. They made comments about the book.

M1: Don’t enjoy the book – a bit like a text book.
D: Enjoyed, laughed out loud, very informative; Explanation of cricket is very funny. 7/10
S: Bored me to tears, glossed over things.
C1: Enjoyed the book, made me aware of interesting facts, sardonic humour, enjoyed the story of the 3 years old, and humour about John Howard.
C2: Didn’t persevere – not the type of book I am used to
R: Enjoyed the book, cricket description, loved his humour, liked his use of language.
M2: Very informative, obscure fact that we don’t know as Australians, very enthusiastic, will go to central Australia. Loved his sense of humour, very knowledgeable. 10/10
T: Told us about Bill Bryson. Read several travelogues by Bryson’s . he can appear naïve and stupid to very intelligent, comes through that he loves the country. Well researched books. Great punch lines and paranoid about creepy crawlers’ and dogs. Treatment of indigenous is handled well. His best book is ‘A brief history of nearly everything.’ Bit monotonous towards the end.
A: Informs us about the myall creek murders through a conservation. Cross about his comments about certain parts of Australia – eg, Canberra, will take another look at it. Don’t like his criticism about our things. A bit like Don Watson’s travelogues on the ABC radio national – ‘American journey’.