Mrs Queen takes the train

Mrs Queen takes the trainMrs Queen takes the train
William M. Kuhn

A charming, whimsical story of what happens when a long-serving and long-suffering monarch decides to go AWOL. A richly witty, warm and wonderful novel of responsibilities, escape and friendship.

Not a working mother’s book. Suitable for older democratic and monarchy fans.
Good for people who like character development over plot.
Characters were well developed but not overly likeable. Some of the English characters were hard to relate to being Australian.
Major themes were sadness, isolation, loss and not knowing how to move past it.
Overall the story was well written. Elegant phrasing and flowed easily. However, we felt that it didn’t draw us in. Complex characters let down by a lack lustre storyline.
Mixed reviews within the book club.

Rating – 5.5/10

Read by – Cultcha Club