Nina Bawden

Nina Bawden, a British author died at age 87 in 22 Aug this year. The following list is what she wrote for both adults and children in her long writing life. She was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1987 and the Lost Man Booker Prize in 2010. She is part of a select group to have both judged and been shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

Who Calls the Tune? (1953)

The Old Flamingo (1954)

Change Here for Babylon (1955)

The Solitary Child (1956)

Devil by the Sea (1958)

Just Like a Lady (1960)

In Honour Bound (1961)

The Secret Passage (1963)

Tortoise by Candlelight (1963)

The House of Secrets (1963)

On the Run (1964); US title, Three on the Run

Under the Skin (1964)

A Little Love, A Little Learning (1965)

The White Horse Gang (1966)

The Witch’s Daughter (1966)

A Handful of Thieves (1967)

A Woman of My Age (1967)

The Grain of Truth (1969)

The Runaway Summer (1969)

The Birds on the Trees (1970)

Squib (1971)

Anna Apparent (1972)

Carrie’s War (1973) —winner of the 1993 Phoenix Award

George Beneath a Paper Moon (1974)

The Peppermint Pig (1975) —winner of the 1976 Guardian Prize

Afternoon of a Good Woman (1976)

Solitary Child (1976)

Rebel on a Rock (1978)

Familiar Passions (1979)

The Robbers (1979)

Walking Naked (1981)

William Tell (1981), a picture book

Kept in the Dark (1982)

The Ice House (1983)

Saint Francis of Assisi (1983), a picture book

The Finding (1985)

On the Edge (1985)

Princess Alice (1986)

Circles of Deceit (1987)

Henry (1988)

Keeping Henry (1988)

The Outside Child (1989)

Family Money (1991)

Humbug (1992)

The Real Plato Jones (1993)

In My Own Time: Almost an Autobiography (1994)

Granny the Pag (1995)

A Nice Change (1997)

Off the Road (1998)

The Ruffian on the Stair (2001)

Dear Austen (2005)