Paper chains – a Book Club Review

paper chainsPaper chains – Nicola Moriarty


A heart-warming story of love, friendship and forgiveness – and the crazy twists of fate that shape our lives…Hannah and India are new best friends. Although true friendship means always telling each other the truth, doesn’t it…? Hannah, you see, is running from her life back in Sydney. Now in London, she’s trying to put the past behind her, and finding this amazing new friend is a positive step forward. If only she could stop punishing herself for what she did. India knows Hannah is hiding something big, and she’s determined to figure it out. Fast. Because India has a secret of her own… One that is currently sealed in a love letter that’s making its journey across Europe in the most unconventional way. Before it reaches its destination, can India help Hannah learn to forgive herself? And will Hannah wake up and realise that India needs rescuing too …?


A story of two friends, hiding two very big secrets from each other.  While India is helping Hannah, Hannah is unknowingly helping India, in turn, face her demons too.

A great, easy, holiday break read.  Another believable plot with well written characters that pull you in from the start.  As a group, we all related to Hannah’s story.  We found it a very realistic, honest, thought-provoking storyline that we could all relate to on some level. Another writer that, for us, writes everyday, suburban Australia extremely well, without cliches and kitsch.

Rating – 8/10        Read by – Cultcha Club Book Club