Paul Horner

What heppens when the job you love ultimately becomes a living nightmare?

Paul, 38, is an ex-senior constable who served 11 years with the NSW Police Force in Mount Druitt, Cabramatta, Bourke and Byron Bay. Paul said. “It is about trusting others with your life and others trusting you with theirs.”

Post Traumatic Stree Disorder (PTSD) later consumed Paul’s life. The true story is all in his book Jack Knife – the crashing of a policeman. It may not be dissimilar to a plethora of other stories, however the difference is that he has bravely chosen to make his plicing experiences and his subsequent suffering public.  Paul has been sharing his own personal experiences with others and he hopes to ‘put positive pressure on every police force in Australia to change their ways so that the engine room of th force is looked after the way in which they deserve and treated with respect.”

Paul Horner is coming to Parramatta Library on Wednesday, 3rd October, from 1 -2 pm. Booking 9806 5159.