Playaway Collection

Parramatta City Library has launched a new type of talking book collection – Playaway.

Half the size of a deck of cards, Playaway is the simplest way to listen to a book on the go and – with no tapes or CDs – it can hold up to eighty hours of content on each unit.

Using clearly marked buttons, Playaway gives listeners the ability to move back and forth within or between chapters and alter the speed of a narrator’s voice – It even has an automatic bookmark feature that remembers where you left off.   

There are over 8,000 titles on Playaway, including many selections for children, language learning programs, bestselling adult fiction, and classics. Playaway’s format is friendly for listeners of all ages; and every patron can enjoy the new format.  The Parramatta collection includes popular titles such as:   My Sister’s Keeper, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, A Thousand Splendid Sunshine, and The Da Vinci Code, and many more popular titles.