Summer Reading 2 – New Sci Fi

New Science Fiction titles are available for loan at Parramatta City Library for summer reading. Here are some titls to start with

The city & the city by China Mieville – it reads like a normal crime fiction but not until the inspector Tyador Borlu receives a phone call from the ‘other city’…

The winds of Dune by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson – a journey that goes through those ‘hidden years’ of the Atreides Legend.

Galileo’s dream by Kim Stanley Robinson – an interesting light shines on one of science’s immortal heroes Galileo, and his everyday life.

Gardens of the sun by Paul McAuley – it’s a tale of greed, power and corruption in the 23th century.

The dark Griffin by K J Taylor – it’s an easy reading book with creature interaction and magic.

Oceanic by Greg Egan – comprised by twelve short stories that question religion, faith and science