Escape Winter Rebus Puzzle Competition


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Welcome to our Escape Winter Competition page.


Solve our puzzles & escape the cold this winter.


Each Wednesday, starting from 1 June 2016 a visual puzzle called a Rebus, will be posted here and on display at all Parramatta Library branches.


Solve the 14 puzzles by sounding out the pictures from left to right to create a book, movie or TV show title. It could even be a book and movie title! Guess all 14 puzzles or 1, it’s up to you.


All puzzles will have a common theme of escaping the cold…think tropical locations, deserts and all things warm.


Drop your answer to any Parramatta Library branch, email or enter online below.
Please include your name, library card number and phone number.
You can only enter once per puzzle but the more puzzles you answer, the more entries you’ll get!


Click on the links below each Wednesday and guess the book, movie or TV series each week! One new puzzle each week starting from Wednesday 1 June 2016.


Week 1 Puzzle          Week 2 Puzzle           Week 3 Puzzle           Week 4 Puzzle
Week 5 Puzzle          Week 6 Puzzle           Week 7 Puzzle            Week 8 Puzzle
Week 9 Puzzle          Week 10 Puzzle         Week 11 Puzzle          Week 12 Puzzle                                                    Week 13 Puzzle        Week 14 Puzzle


Each correct puzzle answer will be placed into a draw to win one of three $50 Booktopia gift certificates.

  • Open to all Library members 18 years of age and over.
  • Competion opens Wednesday 1 June 2016 with the last puzzle posted Wednesday 31 August 2016, all puzzle answers to be submitted by Monday 5 September 2016.
  • Winners will be notified by Wednesday 14 September. Winners can collect their prizes at any Parramatta Library branch.



How did you go with our sample puzzle? Did you get it right?