The bush – a Book Group review

9781926428215The bush – Don Watson

Reader 1: Some parts tedious, others insightful, would have liked more time to read it, focuses on the dark sides of life in Australia.
Reader 2: Explored the ‘myth of mateship”, settlers treating the Aborigines as subhumans, treatment of  returned soldiers who were given poor blocks, degradation of land by settlers, sense of entitlement by many people on the land.
Reader 3: A lot of references that showed the flow of the book. Too much to read and absorb. Financial considerations for marmers is main consideration. Fails as an academic work.
Reader 4: Dealt with the grim realities of life on the land, acknowledges the role of the Aboriginal people in seasonal burning which encourages new growth whereas the settlers with their European  farmiong and grazing practices had negative impacts such as increased salinity and erosion.
Reader 5: Really liked the book, admired his depth of knowledge, speaks of personal experiences visiting country areas, didn’t blame early settlers for their practices. Interesting description of bush “characters” that he met.
Reader 6: Too long, too detailed in places. Interesting, learnt quite a lot. Shared personal experience of 1955 flood, mentioned in the book.

Read by – First Wednesday Book Club