What’s new

So what’s new for non fiction? Well, a lot, quite a lot. First for those who like reading biography:

The alchemy of loss by Abigail Carter
Annie Leibovitz at work by Sharon DeLano
Blade runners, deer hunters & blowing the bloody doors off by Michael Deeley
Catching the wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort
Choir man by Jonathon Welch
Chosen by a horse by Susan Richards
Churchill by Nigel Knight
Cityboy : beer and loathing in the Square Mile by Geraint Anderson
Cut by Cathy Glass
David Williamson : behind the scenes by Kristin Williamson
Destroyed by Jayne Sterne
The world is what it is by Patrick French
Fidel & Che by Simon Reid-Henry
Fortunate son : the unlikely rise of Keith Urban by Jeff Apter
Golden boy by Christian Ryan
Gordon Barton by Sam Everingham
Hope endures by Colette Livermore
In search of Bill Clinton : a psychological biography by John Gartner
Joan in India by Suzanne Falkiner
John Lennon by Philip Norman
Leave to remain : a memoir by Abbas El-Zein
Loving Peter by Judy Cook
Possible side effects by Augusten Burroughs
A remarkable journey by Carol Kidu
Seven seasons in Aurukun by Paula Shaw
Snowball by Alice Schroeder
Somewhere towards the end by Diana Athill
Sunbathing naked and other miracle cures by Guy Kennaway
Where war lives by Paul Watson

Other titles of non fiction
Reading matters by Margaret Willes
Homework for grown-ups by E. Foley
The man who owns the news by Michael Wolff
The lot: in words by Michael Leunig
On longing by Blanche d’Alpuget
On experience by David Malouf
The uses of sadness by Karen Masman
On ecstasy by Barrie Kosky
On Rage by Germaine Greer
On indignation by Don Watson
The decisive moment by Jonah Lehrer
Evolution in the antipodes by Tom Frame
Cyburbia by James Harkin
The next 100 years by George Friedman
Gap year by Penelope McEniry
A tale of two women by C Slade
Leisureville by A. D. Blechman
The sex diaries by B Arndt
The catastrophe continues by John Clarke
American revolution by K. Jennings
The great depression ahead by Harry Dent
Bad money by Kevin Phillips
Factory girls by L. T. Chang
The pleasures & sorrows of work by Alain de Botton
Buffett by Roger Lowenstein
The patient by Mohamed Khadra
The best American magazine writing 2008
Death and the author by David Ellis
The house of wisdom by J. Lyons
Eat, pray, love by E Gilbert
Sideways by P O’Neil
Human smoke by N Baker
Churchill and Australia by Graham Freudenberg
The shameful peace by F Spotts
Valkyrie by P von Boeselager
Putin and the rise of Russia by M Stuermer
From Russia with lunch by D Smiedt
Things I’ve been silent about by Azar Nafisi
Kill Khalid by Paul McGeough
Arabian plights by Peter Rodgers
The war within by Bob Woodward
An awkward truth by Peter Grose
The irregulars by J Conant
Journal by Hélène Berr
Why we watched by T S Hamerow