Wicked Appetite – review

Title: Wicked Appetite

Author: Janet Evanovich

                                                                             Suzanne’s pick

This book marks the start of a new series for Janet Evanovich featuring a new heroine Elizabeth Tucker and the reappearance of the mysterious supernatural Diesel (first seen in Plum Spooky the 4th Stephanie Plum between the numbers novel).

The story focuses on a seemingly ordinary bakery worker, Lizzy, who discovers she is descended from witches and is what is known in certain circles as an ‘Unmentionable’, a human with special abilities with her particular talent being for finding “empowered objects”.  She joins forces (reluctantly) with Diesel to find the seven Stones of Power, each said to represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins, before the power hungry dangerous Grimoire can find them.

This is a return to Evanovich’s quirky humorous stories featuring likable characters, including a rude monkey and a ninja cat with a glass eye and madcap adventures with classic good versus evil comic book themes. A thoroughly enjoyable read for those who like upbeat, witty, character driven stories.