Writing into dangarous

Angel’s game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The famous Spanish author whose previous fiction ‘The shadow of the wind’  was so greatly received by readers all around the world, some says only after Don Quixote, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, again, gives us a great literature book. His second novel, ‘The angel’s game’, has all similar brutality of crime scene, labyrinth of history as well as a bookstore for the background. 

David Martin, a young man, born into poverty, who struggles to get his writing talent recognised, and to get a normal life by living in his dreamed mansion, but it’s all ruins and damages along the way. His love to the writing, his love to his girl friend Cristina and his relationship with his mentor Vidal lead him into some very dangerous plots which would cost all he had.  

It is a book about books, about writing, about literature. 1920 Barcelona was a dark and evil place but there was still some shining light because of books and humanity.