The Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards

The Children’s Book Council of Australia has announced its 2010 awards for children’s book. The winner and honour books are categorised into different age groups. Continue reading

Inspector Lynley is back – review of ‘This body of death’

Author: Elizabeth George

Title: This body of death

Elizabeth George has enough praises and she doesn’t need another one. But you just can’t put her book away and say nothing. Her latest title of Inspector Lynley series, ‘This body of death’, is such a good read that one has to give it the thumb’s up – what a brilliant book.  Continue reading

Winter reading

Winter Reading at Parramatta City Library has come out. In this issue, we have new fiction titles, non fiction titles, and recent book awards titles. What I’m most interested in are the titles translated from other languages. Here is the list of translations. Continue reading