2011 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize shortlists


2011 Commonwealth Writers Prize has announced its regional shortlists. The winners of the Best Book and Best First Book awards from each of the four regions will go on to compete against each other at the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize’s final programme to be held at Sydney Writers’ Festival from 16-22 May. Continue reading

Dog boy – a review

Title: DOG BOY



   Katherine’s pick

This novel is an engrossing story of a young boy who becomes a member of a family of dogs.  The setting is Moscow,  and the child is abandoned by the adults in his life in a derelict block of flats.  The four year old boy stays inside the shambles of rooms which is his home for a week, but once he has eaten everything he can find,  he wanders into the icy streets and eventually follows a dog who is the matriarch of a family of wild dogs. Continue reading

2011 Read it! Online Reading Challenge – January Reads

Read it 2011 (#Readit2011) online reading challenge began with a bang this year with the January theme of ‘Scare up a good book’ (#scugb).  Readers were encouraged to read and comment, via Twitter, Blog comments or written book reviews, on horror fiction and/or horror themed non ficiton books.  The library provided 2 Suggested Reads Bookmarks for those who enjoy fiction or non fiction, see below for the link to these resources. Continue reading

Catcher in the Rye Book Group Comments

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger has certainly caused some very different reactions amongst the First Wednesday Book Club members! It brought up a number of questions of what life was like in December 1949 in the USA.  The book features the memories of teenager Holden Caulfield of events occuring a year earlier and is written from a first person perspective. The 2 main questions asked by the group were: why did we like it and; why did we NOT like it? Continue reading