2016 Miles Franklin Award Longlist Announced

The Miles Franklin Literary Award is Australia’s most prestigious literature prize. Established through the will of My Brilliant Career author, Miles Franklin, the prize is awarded each year to a novel which is of the highest literary merit and presents Australian life in any of its phases.

First presented in 1957, the Award helps to support authors and to foster uniquely Australian literature. Miles Franklin believed that “Without an indigenous literature, people can remain alien in their own soil.”  She also had first-hand experience of struggling to make a living as a writer and was the beneficiary of two literary prizes herself.  A short biography and synopsis of each title in the longlist can be found here. Click on any title below to reserve your copy now.

Ghost River – Tony Birch
Coming Rain – Stephen Daisley
Hope Farm – Peggy Frew
Leap – Myfanwy Jones
The World Without Us – Mireille Juchau
The Hands: an Australian pastoral – Stephen Orr
Black Rock White City – A.S. Patric
Salt Creek – Lucy Treloar
The Natural Way Of Things – Charlotte Wood