A book to love – review

Introduction by Jennifer Byrne

Title: A book to love

ABC Books, 2010

Do you like reading? Would you like to share your reading with others? Or would you like to know what kind of books inspire others? Then, nothing is better than this little book.

Introduced by Jennifer Byrne, an ABC First Tue Book Club presenter, the book has taken 14 famours writers, mostly Australians, on board. They write what their favourite books are and why.

 If say writing is ‘to make sense of the world’ (Ian Rankin, p 42), then reading is like what Christos Tsiolkas says ‘is the chance encounter with a book or a poem or a short story that will surprise me, intoxicate me, confront me – or a combination of all three’ (p 169).

Reading is always a unique experience to each individual. Everyone has a different reading taste and everyone makes different discoveries even from the same book. Reading provides us great experience in imagination and connection. Even for a child, a bedside reading can make for sweet dreams.

Of course one can say millions words about reading. However only when you start to read you can make better knowledge and judgement about this world. For just that reason we should enjoy reading.

This is an easy but thoughtful reading.