The Cattleman’s Daughter – a review

The 2nd Tuesday evening book group read the novel ‘The Cattleman’s Daughter’ by Rachael Treasure for February 2011. 

Here were some of their thoughts:

  • they felt that the first part of the book glossed over the environmental and government issues raised in the book;
  • the flashbacks and visions experienced by Emily were well written and believable;
  • the book was easy to read, enjoyable and pleasant, you can relate to the characters which were well described, realistic and easy to visualise;
  • the book had funny stereotypes, was romantic, and was very interesting in its description of country life;
  • they were surprised by the New Age twist – the combination of spirituality and the general storyline;
  • one member hated it – found it full of adjectives, cliches and stereotypes.

So if you like novels set in Australian rural life this might be the book for you, click here to check the Library catalogue for the books availability – remember you can place free reservations on any lending item.