Discussion notes from Literacy Reading Group August 2012

The National Year of Reading Theme for August is Question, so this month we read and discussed two articles relating this theme.

Article 1: Profit and Loss– Angela Mollard in Sunday magazine from the Sunday Telegraph Feb 26-Mar 3 2012 p3


In this Article “Angela counts the cost of putting work ahead of family” an interesting article about trying to juggle the commitments of life, and working out what’s important in the long run.

Article 2:  Questions that make you think from Buzzle.com


 A very funny article with many interesting questions to make you think.

Questions we discussed

  1. Do you enjoy these sort of questions or are they irritating to you?
  2. Discuss some of the questions raised in the article that most appeal to you.

 We discussed the use and meaning of lots of words and phrases, eg Fuzzy logic, and what it means to be “out of invisible ink”. Also discussed may of the interesting questions in the second article.