Discussion notes from Literacy Reading Group July 2012

National Year of Reading Theme for July is Discover, we discussed two articles relating to discover. 

Article 1: Legacy of a lifetime- Megan Johnston in The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum April 14-15 p 19


 Members took part in an interesting discussion about “Can objects represent a person’s life?” Some thought it impossible for objects to represent a person’s life as life is so diverse, with many aspects, while objects only give insight into a small part of their life. Others felt that objects left behind can give an impression of what their life was like.The group also spoke about personal special heirlooms passed on from generation to generation that are mementos of the person they belonged to.

 Article 2: Safari Park is elephant Eden- Kris Madden

Traveltalk, March 2012 p40 

Group found this article very enjoyable with lots to discover about an exotic place. Most agreed they would love to travel to Safari Park for an interesting, fun holiday, image riding on and swimming with elephants. We discussed the use and meaning of many words and phrases from both articles, for example – tacitly, acquisitive, detritus, bevelled, patina, meandering and how travelling by elephant “sure beats waiting for a Sydney taxi”.