Embrace the Cold Rebus Puzzle Competition

Do you love Winter?

Do you love solving puzzles?

Do you love books, movies & TV?

Each week of Winter a visual puzzle, called a Rebus Puzzle will be posted on Parra Reads and on display in the Libraries to challenge and spark your imagination. Each puzzle will feature a Winter theme and be based on a book, movie or TV show (sometimes all three!). The answer for each puzzle will be posted each week when the new weekly puzzle is released.

Can you guess these puzzles?

Puzzle 1






Puzzle 2






We are also running a puzzle competition for adults who create their own Winter themed Rebus Puzzle. The top 3 puzzles judged to be the most original will be awarded a prize. For the full terms and conditions and entry form visit our Library Catalogue Competition page.




Puzzle 1 = Ice Station by Matthew Reilly, Puzzle 2 = Ice Station Zebra by Alastair MacLean