Feel – 感受

这个月,Dundas 图书馆中文阅读小组,根据澳大利亚全国阅读年阅读主题”感受”,展开了热烈的讨论,谈出了切身感受。



还有人读了”中西建筑比较”。书中讲到中国在搞建筑前,一般要看“风水”。所谓“风水”是指在营造城市、房屋、陵墓和园林时,要对地质水文、生态气候、环境景观等山川地理因素进行考察,采取择吉避凶 的一门实用科学。西方在搞上述建筑时也讲“风水“吗?


In April, the Chinese Reading Group at Dundas Branch of Parramatta City Library, discussed their reads according to NYR theme ‘Feel’.

A member read ‘happy another day’, and mentioned that by appreciating whatever you have, you would be happy. One should be more tolerant and less envious. One step back the sea is wider and the sky is higher; two steps back the family is happier.

Another one read ‘Advice to women’ and felt as a woman one should study hard, and make family happy and the society harmonious by her knowledge, wisdom and her love.

One read a book called ‘Comparison of Chinese and Western architecture’. The book talks about Fengshui elements in Chinese architecture in order to avoid unnecessary harm. One has to look into few aspects of natural environment before building a house, a cemetery or making a garden and even urbanizing a place. Does Western architecture consider these aspects? They wonder.

All members felt they have enriched themselves by reading, and by looking into their own internal world. They also felt they have acquired more knowledge and have opened their eyes wider. Learning is easier than action. The group would like to share this with others.