June discussion from Chinese Reading Group

这个月,Dundas中文阅读小组针对 ‘梦想’这个阅读主题进行了讨论。有个成员阅读了<<追梦>>,谈到很久以来,老一辈的一直在追求强国的梦,有的去科学救国,有的去追随冯玉祥去了台湾,有的成了民主党人士,路虽不同,但都在追梦,比如章士钊。




有个成员谈到阅读过的<<十种要珍惜的人>> – 与你心灵相契的,可以信任的,无条件帮助你的,你曾经爱过的,曾经讨厌过的,曾经背叛过的,你曾经偷偷喜欢的,曾经匆匆擦肩而过的,曾经误会的,更重要的是能同你共度一生的,都要珍惜。因为他们,人生的梦才多姿多彩。

This month the Dundas Chinese Reading Group discussed the NYR theme of ‘dream’. One member read ‘Pursue the dream’, biography of Zhang Shizhao, and said, for a long time, the Chinese people have pursued dreams of strengthening the nation. Some of her family members including one uncle wanted to save the nation by science, one followed Feng Yuxiang and went toTaiwan, and another became a member of a democracy party. The ways they seek their dreams are different but they all persevered their dreams, just like Zhang Shizhao. 

Another member read ‘A hundred years collective memories of Hong Kong’ and still felt the nightmares of the Japanese invasion during the WWII.

One member read ‘No angry jobs’ by a Taiwanese writer Qiu Yonglin. She said ‘a positive attitude can make one healthier.’ The book details a study of 180 nuns split into two focus groups who lived in the same environment for 60 years. 10 survived from the negative group while the other had 25 survivors. Life attitude certainly impacts one’s dream as well as one’s health.

The members agreed that everyone has a dream for beauty but only those who can love, are the most beautiful people.

One member spoke about the article ‘Ten people should be cherished’: people who could communicate with your soul, people who could be trusted, people who unconditionally helped you, people whom you loved, people whom you disgusted, people who betrayed you, people whom you liked, people whom you briefly encountered, people who misunderstood you. But most importantly the only one, who shares your dreams and your pain by your side, should be more treasured. Because of all these people, you become who you are and they coloured your dreams.