June discussion from Chinese Reading Group

这个月,Dundas中文阅读小组针对 ‘梦想’这个阅读主题进行了讨论。有个成员阅读了<<追梦>>,谈到很久以来,老一辈的一直在追求强国的梦,有的去科学救国,有的去追随冯玉祥去了台湾,有的成了民主党人士,路虽不同,但都在追梦,比如章士钊。 Continue reading

Dream – National Year of Reading June Theme

National Year of Reading June theme is dream. We’ve made up some fiction and non fiction lists for book lovers.

Reading is a way of dream something? maybe. It doesn’t matter what you read and in what language, reading brings the joy and pleasure. So we want to post some suggestions to Chinese community in their own language.

Enjoy reading.

June – Dream

June 2012 (in Chinese)