Literacy Reading group discussion notes for April

 The Literacy Reading group met on the 19th April. The theme for the month was “Feel” and we read two articles relating to this theme.

 The first article was In the line of fire by Josephine Sargent from Australian Geographic Vol 107 Mar-Apr 2012 p 22

 The article is about Dan Roberts who is a bullfighter. He attends over thirty rodeos a year and has suffered injuries such as dislocations and a kick by a bull to his chest. We discussedwhat he would be feeling before, during and after he gets in the ring.

 The second article was from the ABC website- Get to work… on your happiness by Cathy Johnson. This lead to a discussion on what makes us happy, whether some people have a natural tendency to be happy or sad, and the benefits of volunteer work.

 The Literacy Reading group meets on the third Thursday of each month at 10.30 in the library.