Literacy reading group for October

Our October group was attended by seven of our members. We had a very enjoyable morning reading and discussing our two articles relating to the National Year of Reading theme for the month which is Explore.

Our first article was about Thailand, which was very well written and inspired us all to want to travel to Thailand. Some members felt it was a little too long and complex for our group. Adventures in Thailand by Brian Johnston in Traveltalk magazine, March 2012 p36-37

Our second reading was an excerpt from The home of the blizzard, being the story of the Australasian antarctic expedition, 1911-1914;by Douglas Mawson.

Chapter XIII Toil and Tribulation- first two pages.

Background to the story

Douglas Mawson was part of a three man team exploring King George V Land in Antarcticain 1912/ 1913. One of the men, Belgrave Ninnis, fell through a crack in the glacier along with the six strongest dogs, most of the rations, the tent and other crucial supplies. Mawson and the other man, Xavier Mertz, turned back. They only had one week’s food supplies and were forced to eat their dogs. Their health rapidly declined and Mertz died in January 1913 (probably from poisoning from excessive vitamin A intake as the dog livers were high in this vitamin as well as the hard conditions endured). Mawson carried on alone for the final 100 miles. When he arrived back to the base the ship had left only hours before and was visible in the distance but unable to return. Mawson and several other men remained in Antarcticauntil December 1913. His book Home of the Blizzard describes his experiences.

 This excerpt was great reading we all agreed that these explores, showed curiosity, amazing courage, determination, and mental strength.One member started to read the book but found it too scientific.

 We discusses the use and meanings of many words and phrases, some examples, hoots, slurp, amused, ziggurats, and chum.