Ned Kelly Awards Longlist and Shortlist 2013

Are you a fan of crime reads, fictional or other wise? Well, the following titles longlisted (and shortlisted) on this year’s Ned Kelly Awards are the best productions by Australian crime writers. You can click the links to see availability at Parramatta City Library.

Sitting under the sun now, but feel the chill.

Best Fiction

Antidote to Murder by Felicity Young

Assassin by Tara Moss

Blackwater Moon by B Michael Radburn

Blackwattle Creek  by Geoffrey McGeachin (shortlisted)

Chasing the Sun by Robin Baker

Dead Girl Sing by Tony Cavanaugh

Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry 

Death By Beauty by Gabrielle Lord

Gold Grave by Kathryn Fox

Good News, Bad News by Maggie Groff

Harry Curry: The Murder Book by Stuart Littlemore

I Hear the Sirens in the Street by Adrian McKinty (shortlisted)

Jennifer Shot – Another Shot by Patricia Kristensen

Paving the New Road by Sulari Gentill

Pink Tide by Jarad Henry

Say You’re Sorry by Michael Robotham

Silent Valley by Malla Nunn (shortlisted)

The Darkest Little Room by Patrick Holland

The Dunbar Case by Peter Corris

The Holiday Murders by Robert Gott (shortlisted)

The Second Bat Guano War by J.M. Porup

Thirst by L.A. Larkin

Tug of War by Ross Collier

Web of Deceit by Katherine Howell (shortlisted)

Best First Fiction

A Mother Without A Child by Gunilla Haglundh

Coorparoo Blues and the Irish Fandango by G.S. Manson

Dark City Blue by Luke Preston

Ghost Money by Andrew Nette

Good as Gold by Ken McKenzie

In Her Blood by Annie Hauxwell

Murder on Display by Reece Pocock

Murder with the Lot by Sue Williams (shortlisted)

Promise by Tony Cavanaugh

Reflection of Evil by Bridgette Powell

Rotten Gods by Greg Barron

Sufficient Grace by Amy Espeseth

The First Shot by Patricia Kristensen

The Marmalade Files by Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann (shortlisted)

The Midnight Promise by Zane Lovitt (shortlisted)

The Price of Fame by R.C. Daniells

The Richmond Conspiracy by Andrew Grimes (shortlisted)

The Robbers by Paul Anderson (shortlisted)

The United States of Air by J.M. Porup

True Crime

 A Second Chance for Justice by Dr Asher Flynn & Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon

 Blackened Tanner by Ron Irwin

 Carl Williams by Adam Shand

Dead by Friday by Derek Pedley (shortlisted)

Deception by Charles Miranda

Eugenia by Mark Tedeschi (shortlisted)

Every Parent’s Nightmare by Belinda Hawkins (shortlisted)

Honeymoon Dive by Lindsay Simpson and Jennifer Cooke

Horrible Man by Leonie Wallace

Killing Mr Rent-A-Kill by Duncan McNab

Missing You by Justine Ford

Snowing in Bali by Kathryn Bonella

Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mystery by Kerry Greenwood

Terror Australis by Wayne Grogan

The Devil’s Cinema by Steve Lillebuen (shortlisted)

The Most Dangerous Detective by Steve Bishop

The People Smuggler by Robin De Crespigny (shortlisted)

Wakool Crossing by Mike Richards