NYR August Reading ‘Question’

八月份,Dundas 阅读小组针对质疑这个主题,讨论和交流了他们的阅读。




冠心病有些什么症状呢?带着这个问题,有组员阅读了<<冠心病>>这本书, 她认识到有心痛症状时,要先做无创伤性的检查,再决定是否做创伤性的。这书对她和她的先生在病中有很大帮助。他们可以同医生更好地沟通了。



In August, the Chinese Reading Group at one ofParramattabranches, Dundas Library, has discussed the NYR theme ‘Question’. When they were reading their books they wanted to fulfil their thoughts on questions consciously.

One member read a book  ‘Ten years undercover in the ‘Golden Triangle’. The Golden Triangle region ofEastern Asiais notorious for its drug trade. The author spent ten years in working undercover to fight the drugs until he reached the age of 69. The member questioned why the author,who suffered from diabetes, risked his life to do this dangerous job. The author stated in his book that one should do something in one’s life. Dangerous jobs like this, someone has to do it, because it benefits the society and other human beings. So why can’t I do it?

Some members questioned ‘Falun Gong’. They said that whatever that organization did was more politicaly motivated. It was the nature of the extremism that worried those reading group members.

One of the members had questions about heart diseases. She borrowed a book called ‘Heart diseases’. After reading she and her husband felt they were more confident to discuss  heart problems with their doctors. She said that one should do the none surgical examines before jumping into  surgery.

Why we want to change others rather than ourselves? With this question, one member read ‘Change myself, rather than change others’. She expressed an interesting point that one feels pain, is because one easily slips into the limitation of one’s own thought. There aren’t two same wheels in the world, so are individuals. If we can understand the differences and uniqueness of individuals we would understand the tolerance we endeavour to achieve. Then we would exceed our limitation. This is  lifelong learning.

Someone read the book ‘A hundred years history of China’ by Cao Juren and wanted to question how  Chinese intellectuals have made an impact on ordinaries lives in the past hundred years. The reader particularly moved by the effort of the ‘Vernacular Campaign’ led by the generations of intellectuals. It has changed lives for ordinary Chinese people by lifting literacy levels. The Chinese intellectuals have made a significant impact in developing the strength for the nation.

All reading group members enjoyed their reading and enjoyed sharing ideas and views with others.