Paint Parra Read

Have you read to a child today? Why not participate “Paint Parra REaD“, a community project which aims to promote the importance of reading to, singing to, playing with and talking with children from birth.

Developing a language rich environment and encouraging parents and carers to read to their children from birth will help equip children to be ready to engage with reading and writing at school.

The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre in partnership with Parramatta City Library, supported by Department of Community Services has initiated programs for the local community.

From this project families benefit from spending time with their children reading, singing, talking and playing together. Children can benefit from having a language rich environment, contact and engagement with their families and carers. Our community can benefit from children starting school ready to learn to read and write and having a positive experience of school leading to better educational outcomes. Business can benefit from engaging with their families and communities through the Reading Day (25th Nov) and other activities in promoting their business as Paint Parra REaD supporters.

The annual Reading Day is a celebration of reading and encourages all people to take time out of their normal schedules to READ. Celebrations of reading will be held throught the Parramatta LGA and communities, businesses, families and individuals are invited to become involved.

Families and services with children 0-6 years old will be invited to come and read together in local shopping centres which in ture will be invited to decorate their shops in RED.

You can join a local planning group be a volunteer or you can decorate your shop in RED, you can include your service in the event, or you can stop and READ on the day which is 25th November.

Parramatta City Libraries have number of programs for children under age 6, such as stories and rhymes, Bibs ‘n’ Books. Bring your children to the library and play and READ together.