The National Reading Hour & Paint Parra REaD

PrintPaint Parra Read logoThis year, The National Reading Hour will be held on the 19th August at 6pm-7pm. Parramatta City Library strongly supports the message behind The Reading Hour and hope you manage to pick up a book to read to a child at this time and also every day, from birth. Just ten minutes a day, or an hour a week will help to share a love of reading with your child (or any child for that matter!) and will help them be ready for school and be more successful while they are there. Continue reading

Paint Parra REaD at the library

Today, is Paint Parra REaD reading day. Parramatta Library became a RED sea – red decos, red bolloons, red Tees… The members from The last Thursday Book Club read books to the children and their parents. The library had never before seen such a crowd with so many kids, parents, and prams. Those kids and their parents came together and enjoyed a morning of reading and fun, regardless their cultural differences.  

Here is the link to some wonderful photos