Think – discussion from a Chinese Reading Group

Think – 思想

这个月,Dundas 图书馆中文阅读小组,根据澳大利亚全国阅读年阅读主题”思想”,展开了热烈的讨论。





This month, the Chinese reading group at one of Parramatta City Library branches, Dundas Library, discussed the reading around the NYR theme ‘Think’.

One member read ‘The memories haven’t vanished’ by Zhang Yihe. The book reminded her of the political turmoil and its aftermath that effected Chinese people in the past. The history should be remembered.

Another member read ‘Free your mind’ and felt it was such a good book to change ones mind set. Living in Australia is a life changing experience for her and she can experience different things and think freely.

One read ‘Memoir of Jinlian’. Although its religious nature, the book provides good advice for people and she’d like to share the following with all members of the group ‘one should appreciate those who trap you because it increases your endurance; one should appreciate those who hurt you because it hones your feelings; one should appreciate those who cheat you because it enriches your experience; one should appreciate those who abandon you because it teaches you of independence.’

Some members read fiction or biography or language books. They all felt reading kept them thinking. To share reading with others is also enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Think – discussion from a Chinese Reading Group

  1. Thanks for this post. Could the Chinese book group possibly recommend any books in English (or translated into English) written by Chinese-Australian women?

    • Yes, we can recommend Ouyang Yu, a Melbourne based Australian Chinese writer who writes in both English and Chinese. You can find more info on
      Also if you read ‘Meanjin’, the literature journal you would find some authors write in different languages and translated from other languages to English. Enjoy reading.

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