Coming authors – Blacklock, Carroll and Moriarty

Do you know ‘The right time by Dianne Blacklock, ‘The better woman‘ by Ber Carroll, and ‘What Alice forgot‘ by Liane Moriarty? If not, then it’s your chance to see all three talented Australian writers at Parramatta City Library, on 3rd November, at 1 pm. Continue reading

Chronicle of a death foretold – Review

Title: Chronicle of a Death Foretold (original Spanish title: Crónica de una muerte anunciada)

Author:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez

              Ali’s pick

Handsome and mysterious Bayardo San Roman arrives to a small South American coastal town and soon he earns the respect of its people and ends up impressing and marrying the gorgeous Angela Vicario. Continue reading

The drowning girl – a book review

Title: The drowning girl

Author: Margaret Leroy

                       Sarah’s Pick

Four year old Sylvie isn’t quite like other children. She can be distant and has regular tantrums and nightmares. She refuses to call her mother “Mum”, instead calling her by her first name. She constantly draws the same picture of her “real home”, says strange things and is very afraid of water. She is fixated with a photo of a seaside village in Ireland. Continue reading