Peter Corris

One of Australia’s most prolific writers, Peter Corris has passed away at the age of 76.

Peter Corris was an Australian academic, journalist, historian, and writer of historical and crime fiction. As a crime fiction writer he became known as the “God-father of the modern Australian Crime Fiction”.

Peter Corris was awarded Life Time Achievement award for crime writing in 1999 by Crime Writers association of Australia. As a crime novelist Corris is best known for his series featuring Sydney PI Cliff Hardy.

Peter Corris wrote 102 books across different genres including historical fiction, sports writing, biographies, history and true crime. His writing career span over 40 years. He is survived by his wife, and a writer in her own right Jean Bedford, three daughters and seven grandchildren.

It is an amazing life that we should admire and celebrate. Parramatta City Library has some of Peter’s books available for loan.

Book Review: Readers of the Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

The Readers of the Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald


It all begins with a correspondence between two quite different women: 28-year-old Sara from Haninge, Sweden, and 65-year-old Amy from Broken Wheel, Iowa. After two years of exchanging books, letters and thoughts on the meaning of literature and life, Sara, who has never been anywhere in her life, decides it’s time to visit Amy. But when she gets there, she finds her friend’s house empty, Amy’s funeral guests just heading home…So, Sara finds herself all alone. But what choice do the inhabitants of Broken Wheel have but to take care of their bewildered tourist? And what choice does Sara have, faced with a growing desire to honour her friend and her beloved little town, but to set up her perfect bookshop with all the books she and Amy shared – from Joyce Carol Oates and Iris Murdoch to Bridget Jones and Little House on the Prairie?



As our first read together the “Dundas Readers” had a mixed response to Swedish author Katarina Bivald’s first novel, “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend”. In our initial meeting in July we had selected this novel because of its quirky title and its suggested study of relationships.

Most of us felt we could recommend it as a light read although the characters were not fully developed and the small USA town of Broken Wheel and its neighbouring town of Hope were in some ways unrealistic.

The author’s style in using letters from Amy to her Swedish pen pal Sara was successful in introducing Amy to us, who otherwise is not alive at the time of the story.

On a scale of 1-10 we gave it a 6.


Read by – Dundas Readers

Good Reading Online

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Rebus Puzzle Competition – Answers


City of Parramatta Libraries Rebus Puzzle Competition has come to a close and we are busy collating the many entries received.


Below are the answers to all 12 puzzles, have a look and see how you went!


Winners will be drawn – Wednesday 12 September 2018


All winners will be notified by phone on Thursday 13 September 2018.



PUZZLE 1 – TECHNO THEME – Knight Rider

PUZZLE 2 – TECHNO THEME – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

PUZZLE 3 – TECHNO THEME – The Fifth Element

PUZZLE 4 – TECHNO THEME – The Iron Giant



PUZZLE 6 – CLASSIC THEME – The Moonstone

PUZZLE 7 – CLASSIC THEME – The Wizard of Oz



PUZZLE 9 – URBAN THEME – Magic Bites

PUZZLE 10 – URBAN THEME – Castle in the Sky

PUZZLE 11 – URBAN THEME – Dangerous Minds

PUZZLE 12 – URBAN THEME – City of Bones





Alternative Nobel Prize for Literature

As you may have heard, 2018 Nobel Prize for literature has been cancelled by the Swedish Academy following sexual assault allegations and resignations of members. More than 100 prominent cultural figures from Sweden have formed the New Academy and will present their own literary award while Swedish Academy is sorting itself out.  In contrast to the Nobel prize, which seeks to honour the writer who has contributed ‘the most outstanding work in an ideal direction’, the new award will be offered to a writer who has told the story of ‘humans in the world’. The New Academy invited Swedish librarians to nominate authors who fit the eligibility criteria. 47 authors were nominated and the four finalists were decided by public vote. Winner will be announced in October after deliberation by the jury. In December the New Academy will be dissolved and 2 laureates will be nominated by the Swedish Academy for the Nobel Prize in literature in 2019.

The four nominees are:

Maryse Conde                        Haruki Murakami

Kim Thuy                                 Neil Gaiman