Under the Influence – a review

Title – Under the influence

Author – Jacqueline Lunn

NSW, Vintage Books, 2011

Sarah’s Pick

Three girls meet at boarding school in Sydney’s North Shore. Meg is the daughter of a widowed sheep farmer from western NSW. Eve’s parents run the chemist shop in a country town. And Sarah can see the roof of her house from the boarding school but has been sent there by her busy professional parents. The story gives a good account of teenage girls and life in a boarding school. The girls share a secret about another girl from school- the popular and beautiful Rebecca. This secret changes the girls. Continue reading

Daughters-in-Law – a review

Title: Daughters-in-Law

Author: Joanna Trollope

London : Doubleday, 2011  

Sarah’s pick 

Rachel is married to Anthony and the mother of three sons. She has devoted her life to bringing up her sons in Suffolk, giving up her career to focus on her family. But now they are all adults and married and Rachel struggles with the changes in her family. The daughters-in-law now have more influence over her sons than she does and the family starts to drift apart. Continue reading

The tulip virus – a review

Author: Danielle Hermans

Title: The tulip virus

Allen & Unwin 2010

Eerie, brutal, and twisted, ‘The tulip virus’ writes about some blood murders that stained beautiful the flower, tulip; and about crimes that happened in 1636 and 2007 in a similar violent way that shocked the nation. That makes this novel uniquely gripping and thought provoking. Continue reading