Discussion notes from Chinese Reading Group


首先,Wang 先生谈到他最近读到的一本北京大学教授的著作, 书名是:非洲黑人文化. Wang先生由于工作的关系, 他曾代表公司去非洲进行贸易工作, 所以对那里的风土人情表较熟识, 他认为尽管非洲相对来说比较落后, 但他们的民风淳朴, 当他阅读这本书的时候, 书中的内容引发了他对非洲的回忆, 感觉分外亲切, 洒下了深有同感的泪水.

  接着刘女士介绍了她阅读的沈丛文先生的散文: 边城. 这本书描述了爷孙两代人的生活和婚姻, 当中喜忧参半, 催人泪下. 刘女士还分享了另一本好书: 傻子皇帝, 书中的主角虽然身为皇帝, 却少管闲事, 傻傻乎乎的过日子, 书中内容使人抱腹大笑, 笑出眼泪的同时, 能够领悟出快乐人生的道理.

  徐和Annie 等朋友也分别介绍了她们最近读的好书. 刘先生手拿一本: 说英语, 讲述了他学习英文当中的苦与乐. 大家你一言, 我一语, 轻松愉快地渡过了两个小时, 最后大家还一起学习了二十句与庆祝中国新年-春节有关的英语会话短语.

November discussion at Dundas Library the Chinese reading group focused on NYR theme ‘Cry’.

First, Mr. Wang told every member about a book he just finished reading recently by a professor from Beijing University. The book called African culture. Due to business reasons, Mr. Wang has been to Africa before, so he’s quite aware of its culture and custom. He said although Africa has been under developed, its people are very nice and honest. The new reading reminded him of the Africa he knew and felt it was very close to his heart. He cried.

Then Mrs Liu told others her reading: Bian Cheng (The border town) by Shen Congwen. The book tells the stories of the grandpa and grandson’s life and marriage. The two generations stories are happy but with some sadness which made Mrs Liu cry. She also shared another book with others – The stupid emperor – an emperor without too much care for his court, but only lives simple and happy daily life. The book is humorous and makes you laugh so much, you cry. Meanwhile one experiences some deep wisdom.

Ms Xu and Annie also shared their reading with others. Mr Liu showed everyone a book called ‘Talking about English’, and shared his experience of learning English – sorrow and cheer.

At the end everyone also learned some English vocabulary about Chinese New Year.