2012 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards shortlist

It’s time to celebrate Australia literature – Australian writers who write books about Australia. It’s always amazing to see Australia is not only a sports nation but a nation of diversity, imagination and creation.





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June discussion from Chinese Reading Group

这个月,Dundas中文阅读小组针对 ‘梦想’这个阅读主题进行了讨论。有个成员阅读了<<追梦>>,谈到很久以来,老一辈的一直在追求强国的梦,有的去科学救国,有的去追随冯玉祥去了台湾,有的成了民主党人士,路虽不同,但都在追梦,比如章士钊。 Continue reading

Winter Reading 2012

It’s time for our Winter Reading newsletter. What’s to read in this winter? What’s popular and what’s new @ Parramatta City Library? Well, the newsletter might give you some ideas. There are some highlights in this issue – fiction, non fiction titles, some awards & prizes winning authors, and books made into movies in 2012.

Enjoy reading.  

winter 2012

Anna Funder wins Miles Franklin award

The 2012 Miles Franklin award has gone to Anna Funder for her first novel All that I am. The novel is based on a true story and tells of an elderly Australian woman’s opposition to the Nazis in the years prior to World War Two. Funder has also written the non fiction book Stasiland.

Have a look at this video of Funder discussing her book. Funder’s books are available at Parramatta City Library.

Sharyn Munro – Author of the month

Come to Parramatta Library on Wednesday 4th July from 6-7 pm to hear Sharyn Munro talk about her latest book.

Rich land, wasteland- how coal is killing Australia gives an account of the effect of coal mining on individuals and communities living in coal mining areas. Their health and livelihoods are being affected by mostly foreign owned companies often only concerned with profits.

The talk is free to attend but bookings are essential, please book at the Enquiries desk at Parramatta Library or call 9806 5159