Sweet tooth – book review

Author: Ian McEwan

Title: Sweet tooth

 Yan’s pick

 Young, innocent, gorgeous and recently graduated fromCambridge, Serena is recruited by MI5. But she finds herself in a low paid job and the income hardly enough even to purchase hardcopy books. She’s determined to stay on and tries to make it through dull tasks every day.

 That’s why she’s grateful and excited when one day she’s interviewed and given a spy task, codenamed ‘Sweet tooth’ by the guys from the top floor. The job is simple. The top bosses want her to see a new writer, TH Haley. MI5 wants to fund writers like Haley to write for their cause. It’s 1972 and the Cold War is on with the propaganda machine in full swing. Continue reading

Ist Wednesday book group read Where men win glory by Jon Krakauer


The group discussed how this was a very interesting book which focuses on the policies of the Bush Government, and how that government manipulated the incident of Pat Tillman’s death.

The history of Afghanistan over the last 100 years is very well researched and presented.

The subject of the biography, Pat Tillman, was a man of incredible integrity who was not pro-war but felt it was his patriotic duty to fight for his country. The cause of his death was due to an army bungle which was covered up by the administration.

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Dianne Loughnan

Dianne Loughnan is a former Queensland and NSW provincial newspaper journalist and now commercial beef producer. She has also worked for the Queensland Landcare movement and has consulted to rural industries as a public relations practitioner. She currently lives and works with her husband and two children on their cattle property near Roma in southern inland Queensland. Continue reading